Dustin Pedroia denies ordering retaliation pitch on Manny Machado: ‘That’s a mishandled situation’

Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroiasaid he doesn’t condone the sort of police workcarried out Sunday byteammateMatt Barnes, who was ejectedwhen his eighth-inning fastball whizzed behind the head of Orioles star Manny Machado.The pitch was perceived asa delayed response toMachado’s controversial spikes-high slide into second base that injured PedroiaFriday.Matt Barnes gets ejected for hitting a bat? Pitches at Manny Machado’s head. pic.twitter.com/7eBwWbFKNl TheRenderMLB (@TheRenderMLB) April 23, 2017With Red Sox manager John Farrellprotesting Barnes’ ejection, Machado, visibly upset, turned toward the Red Sox dugout, wheretelevisioncameras caught an exchange withPedroiafrom acro s the field.Pedroiamade clear he felt Barnes was out of line for throwing at Machadoand insisted he didn’t order theRed Sox right-hander to carry out the purpose pitch.Fascinating exchange captured by MASN between https://www.cubsedge.com/chicago-cubs/kerry-wood-jersey Machado and Pedroia. Dustin clearly saying «It wasn’t me. I know that and you know that.» pic.twitter.com/oqdt827ER9 Dave Tucker (@TestudoDave) April 23, 2017″I just told him I didn’t have anything to do with that,» Pedroia told reporters after Boston’s 6-2 win, via the Providence Journal. «That’s not how you do that, man. I’m sorry to him and his team. If you’re going to protect guys, you do it right away. He knows that. We both know that. It’s definitely a mishandled situation.»The pitcher and manager said the pitch was supposed to be inside and got away.Watch the catcher. Always watch the catcher. pic.twitter.com/TdKaqNveo5 Jeff Pa san (@JeffPa san) April 23, 2017Pedroia, who sat out Saturday and Sunday due to swelling in his left ankle and knee, is due to undergo an MRI Monday when the team returns to Boston. He said after Friday’s lo s he wouldn’ https://www.cubsedge.com/chicago-cubs/greg-maddux-jersey t play «baseball police» when asked whether Machado should be disciplined by MLB for his slide.»There was zero intention of him trying to hurt me,»Pedroiasaid. «He just made a bad slide. He did hurt me. It’s baseball, man. I’m not mad at him. I love Manny Machado. I love playing against him. I love watching him. If I slid into third base and got Manny’s knee, I know I’m going to get drilled. That’s baseball. I get drilled, and I go to first base. That’s it.»Farrell John Lackey Jersey and an apologetic Barnes both insisted the ball simply «got away.»I would never ever intentionally throw at somebody’s head, Barnes said. That’s a line you don’t cro s. I’m sorry that it kind of ended up that high and fortunately it didn’t hit him. But I think he’s got every right to be mad that that one got loose.Machado, for his part, said he andPedroiahad already patched things up before Sunday, adding, I’m going to respect Pedie to the end of this day. I look up to a guy like that.»

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